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Graduated Compression Stockings For Varicose Veins

The varicosis process begins when the veins valves begin to fail. As more blood is pumped from the heart through the body, more valves in the vein begin to fail causing a back up in pressure. In between heart beats, there is a lowering of blood pressure causing gravity to want the blood to run to the legs.

Symptoms of varicose veins can be a burning or itching sensation in the leg, with more sever cases moving to skin discolouration and open sores near the ankles.

Varicose veins are so prevalent in our society that it is estimated that 15% of the American population have varicosis. One of the most common solutions for varicose veins is compression stockings. These stockings have a built in compression (hence their name) around the ankle part of the stocking, ensuring that when blood pools to the foot, that the compression of the stocking around the ankle disallows the blood to pool, and instead causes the blood to flow back up in the proper manner.

Similarly, Compression socks are recommended wearing if you are travelling long distances such as in an aeroplane, or a long bus or car trip, as they also ensure that blood does not pool, but moves back up the ankle and continues to circulate through the body. For the elderly, compression stockings can be difficult to fit, however there are now stocking donners available on the market that make the process of wearing compression stockings properly a more manageable task, especially for those who live at home by them selves, and who are not in assisted care facilities.

Compression Stockings are needed when the leg is swollen due to varicose veins. They are meant to be quite snug. In fact, they are available in different levels of compression for different kinds of physical problems. They are superior to over-the-counter elastic support stockings.

They are used to help relieve swelling, aches and pains caused by varicose veins. You wear them during the day and take them off at night. Compression stockings are not only a wonderful treatment but they can also promote leg health and prevent this impact in most people. They can be especially beneficial to working people who are standing or sitting for long periods of time during their daily routines. They are not contraindicated in combination of anticoagulant medication.

Compression stockings are tight at the feet with a gradually looser fit on the leg (graduated compression). and are graduated with much greater pressure at the ankle They are as thick as two pairs of regular panty hose and cover the leg from the arch of your foot to just below or above your knee. They are available with good compression in most of the pharmacies and medical stores. They are available in three different sizes- large, medium, and small.

Also available are compression socks which are not the same as regular normal dress socks or athletic socks. Compression socks, like compression stockings are a low-cost, non-invasive way to treat venous insufficiency, varicose veins and edema. They also prevent embolisms (free floating blood clots) from occurring. Compression stockings are worn for short periods after all treatments to assist in healing and reduce any mild discomfort or swelling which may occur. You Can Look Her, compression stockings for varicose veins WALMART

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